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Why Institutions Choose Steinway Designed Pianos

Steinway pianos are overwhelmingly regarded as the world’s finest pianos. 98% of all concert pianists choose to perform exclusively on Steinway pianos without any financial compensation. Other piano companies try to encourage performers to play their pianos on stage by providing free pianos, financial compensation, and free technical work. And yet 98% still perform on Steinway. With this overwhelming unpaid endorsement by the world’s foremost experts, it is clear that no other piano is acceptable for professional use. Most fine institutions prefer to offer their students and piano teachers the same pianos professionals choose.

Steinway designed pianos are the first choice of almost every fine university and conservatory. There are now over 90 venerable institutions across the country that have chosen to be “All Steinway Schools” including The Julliard School, Yale University, The Cleveland Institute of Music, Curtis Institute of Music, Carnegie-Mellon University, and the China Conservatory of Music. In the St. Louis area, All Steinway Schools include Lindenwood University, Principia College, and Lewis & Clark Community College. Three other St. Louis area universities are currently in campaigns to become All Steinway Schools. You can feel confident with your choice of Steinway designed pianos because so many other fine institutions have chosen the same pianos before you with excellent results.

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The quality of Steinway pianos has proven to aid in attracting students and retaining faculty. A study by the Valley Forge Information Service concluded that, “both students and piano teachers agree that characteristics relating to the performance quality of pianos rate higher in importance than other less piano specific characteristics, such as cost of tuition and fees, capability of new students, and prestige and reputation of the school.” Dean Robert Cutietta, University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, says he “didn’t anticipate how the word would spread by just being able to say, ‘All Steinway School.’ It has helped our recruitment. Suddenly, we are getting many more applications, but more importantly, we are getting better applications.” Piano teachers also appreciate the quality of Steinway pianos, they rate them higher than any other brand, and consider them one of the most important factors in choosing where they plan to teach. With so many choices available for students and piano teachers, the quality of Steinway pianos helps to differentiate your institution.

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Steinway pianos are actually the least expensive piano to own over time. Steinway pianos last longer, perform better over their lifetime, and appreciate in value. For example, an area university recently traded a Steinway grand piano purchased in 1965 and received four times the original purchase price as a trade value. Another brand of piano traded purchased in the same year was valued at less than a third of its original purchase price. Although the original purchase price of the Steinway was higher, which piano was less expensive to own? When you add the financial value to the artistic value of playing music on a Steinway, it is clear why most universities and schools realize investing in Steinway pianos is a financially prudent decision.

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Steinway pianos help your entire institution, not just your music program. Many non-music majors take piano lessons through music programs. Although many of these students may choose another career, music is very important to them. The quality of the equipment in the music program could be an important factor in determining which school to attend, especially if all other factors are equal.

Special pricing, financing, and leasing programs are available for purchases by institutions. No matter how many pianos your institutions purchases, Steinway has special pricing for you. We also provide creative terms for payment to fit the fiscal needs of your institution.

Institutional Sales!

Steinway Piano Gallery’s Institutional Division works in partnership with you to help your institution acquire the quality pianos you need. Our experienced piano consultants can help identify your needs, raise funds, and navigate the process of purchasing and maintaining your pianos. Steinway also provides comprehensive technical service and training to assure that your pianos will perform at the highest level over time.

Contact Alex Thomson via email at or by phone at 1-888-399-5397 (Markham) or 1-855-822-9005 (Mississauga) to request more information for your school, university, or institution.

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