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Hard Work Leads to A Wonderful Experience!

By: Audrey Ho, Grade 6 Student  -  As seen on TMS School's Newsletter

My sister and I were selected out of 500 students by Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto. We were selected to represent our music school at the Roy Thompson Hall with world-renowned virtuoso pianist Lang Lang. Along with 100 other students from various other music schools, we practiced to perform a duet version of Schubert’s Marche Militaire. Victoria and I worked assiduously every day for almost a month to assure a perfect performance.

The hall was filled with people, clapping loudly and taking pictures. Lang Lang made his appearance, and then miraculously under his baton, all 100 of us were able to perform together at an incredible steady rhythm. Even Lang Lang was impressed.

Onstage, Lang Lang pointed out our flaws and mistakes and emphasized on legato, crescendo and decrescendo as well as all the elements of how to make music beautiful. As we worked with him, we improved so much that we certainly sounded professional.

Later, Lang Lang performed Liszt’s La Campanella. It was stunning and inspiring. His hard work and determination certainly paid off. My sister and I would like to dedicate this article to Miss Grace Lin and Dr. Araxie Altounian, our piano teachers, who inspired us and to Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto for giving us this wonderful experience. Music is such a precious gift.

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Audrey Ho,Grade 6 Student and her sister Victoria Ho, Grade 4 Student with Grace Lin, Alex Walker and Araxie Altounian

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