Steinway & Sons

Boston - designed by Steinway & Sons

With the introduction of “Boston – designed by Steinway & Sons” in 1992, Steinway was in the position to increase the offer of grand and upright pianos. For the first time, the company introduced top-quality instruments in the mid- price segment that feature numerous patents, classical Steinway characteristics, and incorporate of course the Steinway expertise and experience.

Applying a rigorous approach and exacting technological standards, Steinway developed grand and upright pianos that offer discerning pianists superb playing performance at an affordable price, giving many players the perfect introduction to the world of Steinway.

Be inspired by Boston which has gained a firm foothold in the global market since it’s introduction.

Boston Piano Features Video

Grand Pianos

Boston grand pianos are impressive and beautiful musical instruments due to their unique and proprietary design. Designed by Steinway & Sons, these pianos reflect the tone, touch, and durability that are consistent with their heritage.
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Upright Pianos

Boston upright pianos are marvelous musical instruments that are the inspiration and the unique, proprietary design of Steinway & Sons.  Each model features an all-wood action, with Steinwaydesigned geometry that results in incredible sensitivity and responsiveness.
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